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About Us

Serving the most special delicacies of Turkish cuisine, Safahat Restaurant was established as a subsidiary of Özdilek Holding with 30 years of experience in food sector.

Each taste is prepared studiously and daily to serve you the most fresh and abundant varieties.

You can start with a soup and then continue with the olive oil dishes and salads and so have a light and healthy meal. If you like, you can prefer the traditional daily meals or the grilled meat. You can also taste the amazing desserts of the Turkish cuisine. We invite you to ÖzdilekPark İstanbul Shopping Center to try our quality service and unique tastes.


Safahat Lokantası

You can taste rich varieties from soup to olive oil dishes and salads, and experience the light and fresh meals. And you may sweeten your day with the incredible desserts of Turkish Cuisine. Safahat Restaurant is looking forward to host the guests willing to taste the amazing dishes.
Soğanlı Mah. İstanbul Cad.No:343/345 Osmangazi Bursa, Türkiye
+90 224 219 6000