Human Resources

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Today human resources have become an area demanding continuous innovation and thereby it changes and develops all the time. With this consciousness; ÖZDİLEK, sustaining its leader and distinct position in the sector, believes in that only if the acquired human resources always develops then it can preserve and develop its place in the Turkish and Global market. ÖZDİLEK, taking step with this vision, adopts as a principle that it should add new applications to those in Human Resources and improve the existing ones constantly. 


Our Vision

To be one of the pioneer, dynamic and leader companies offering high quality product and services with theinsight of continuous developing in the issues that it works on.

Our Mission

To be a reliable, effective and innovative company adoptingcustomer oriented service approach.

Our values

  • Innovative
  • Foreseeing
  • Customer and Quality Oriented
  • Reliable and Honest
  • Hard-working
  • Believing in Team Work
  • Valuing and Relying on People


Safahat Lokantası

Safahat Lokantası’nda çorba çeşitlerinden zeytinyağlı ve salata çeşitlerine kadar deneyebilir; hafif ve sağlıklı öğünlerinizi geçirebilirsiniz. Türk mutfağının vazgeçilmez tatlılarıyla da ağzınızı tatlandırabilirsiniz. Safahat Lokantası, eşsiz lezzetlerini denemek isteyen misafirlerini bekliyor.
Soğanlı Mah. İstanbul Cad.No:343/345 Osmangazi BURSA TÜRKİYE
+90 224 219 6000
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